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Extendable Skate Wheel Conveyor, 24"W

Price: $3,450.00

Model Number: 37624024 Dimensions: 6' 8" - 23' 2"

S-Steel skate wheel with steel ball bearings for
impact resistant, moderate to high volume usage.
24" widths. Standard retractable package stop
Couplers are standard.
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Nestaflex® 226 Gravity
Skate Wheel Conveyor
Cap. 226 lbs./ft.

Nestaflex® Gravity
200 RLS Roller Conveyor
Cap. 200 lbs./ft.

Power Flex Heavy-duty
Power Roller Conveyor
w/1.9 Rollers
Cap. 100 lbs. per ft.

Heavy Duty
Gravity Skatewheel
Flex Conveyor
Cap. 400 lbs./ft.

telescopic conveyor

TL2 Heavy Duty 2-Stage
Gravity Truck Loader

Powered Flex Conveyor
Cap. 50 lbs./ft.
Variable Speed

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