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Eco Gate

Price: $281.58

Model Number: SECO665 Dimensions: 6'-6" Collapsed Height / 6'-0" In Use Height

Widths 5 - 6 ft.

Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel

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single folding gates folding gates pairs portable gates

Eco Gates™
Super Deals on Quick-
Ship Made From
Recycled Materials

Heavy Duty Steel
Single Folding Gates

Heavy Duty Steel
Folding Gates Pairs

xtra duty portable gates

Xtra Duty Portable Gates

self closing safety gate
pivot gate clear aisle gate dock gate

Pivot Gate

Clear-Aisle Gates

Dock Gate

roly safeti gate pivot model
roly safeti gate high pivot model
roly safeti gate tri-side model roly safeti-gate standard model

Roly Safeti-Gate
Pivot Model

Roly Safeti-Gate
Tri-Side Model

Roly Safeti-Gate
Standard Model

roly safeti-gate rack supported model
movit polypropylene barrier minit polypropylene barrier xtendit extension to movit or minit

Polypropylene Barrier

Polypropylene Barrier

Extension to Movit or Minit

multi-gate expandable barricade
xpandit expandable barricade  


Our company is a broad line distributor of Material Handling Equipment such as Aisle Gates, Door Gates, Folding Gates,
and Safety Gates. In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in Barrier Gates, Industrial Safety Gates,
Pivot Gates, and Safeti-Gate.