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Air-Lift Conveyor Systems

air lift conveyor systems
Basic Airlift Systems transfer items between two similar Send/Receive Stations through a single interconnecting
tube. For installation where limited space or building obstructions won't permit standard 48" radius bends, 24"
radius expanded bends are available that allow the free travel of Carriers without binding. Expanded bends can be
used for upward, downward, or horizontal runs.

Two Configurations of Send/Receive stations are available for use in the pressure/pressure Airlift systems,
depending on the user's station mounting requirements. The Type I Station suits narrow and taller mounting spaces,
whereas the Type II Station fits wider and shorter mounting locations. Both Stations are fabricated from 16-gauge
cold roller steel with an enamel finish. Station doors are manufactured from heavy steel.
Pneumatic Dispatch Systems
Low-cost, automatic, instantaneous dispatch system designed to convey materials
between two similar Send/Receive Stations through a single connecting tube.
Airlift Pneumatic Systems can deliver anything that fits in an Airlift Carrier to any remote location - even on
different floors or in other buildings - in a few seconds. Small parts, orders, invoices, credit cards, shipping papers,
memos, currency, mail, laboratory or test samples, medical supplies, or any other load weight up to 5 lbs, are
whisked at speeds up to 25 feet per second on a jet-stream of low-pressure air to a destination up to 2,000 feet
away. Flexible systems deliver upward, downward, or in any direction, not just horizontally. And they are energy-
efficient; the blower operates only when a Carrier is in transit, not 24 hours a day as many other system do.

Unlike old-fashioned, bulky, twin-tube vacuum systems consisting of heavy steel tubing and low-capacity carriers
plus expensive three-phase turbo-compressors requiring additional complex controls, the Airlift Pneumatic
Systems are compact and high-capacity, providing two-way carrier travel in a single tube. Conveying tubing and
bends are made from either strong, lightweight, non-corroding, dent-resistant PVC or optional steel, with diameters
of 3", 4", or 6" And unitized Send/Receive Stations with built-in turbo blowers can sit on desks or tables, or mount
easily in a minimum of space on walls, building columns, or any convenient flat surface, without using prime plant
floor space. Installation is so easy, your own employees can set it up in less than a day! No complicated power
wiring. Just plug system into an existing wall outlet. Airlift Carriers are made from durable, high-density
polyethylene for excellent wear in system-compatible diameters of 3", 4", and 6", and standard lengths of 10", 12",
and 14" Their smooth surfaces and aerodynamic design generate minimal friction, permitting dramatic increases in
system capacity and length. Thousands of pneumatic tube system users are proving the cost efficiency of Airlift
Pneumatics Systems in such diverse installations as:
• Quality Control Labs
• Factories
• Transportation Terminals
• Warehouses
• Banks
• Hospitals
• Auction Houses
• Auto Dealers
• Brokerage Firms
• Railroads
• Restaurants
• Motels & Hotels
or any place requiring an immediate flow of items at the lowest possible cost. Airlift Pneumatic Systems
completely eliminate the need for messengers in most operations...eliminate their wages, benefit packages, coffee
breaks, and time taken from more productive work...and deliver the goods ten times as fast!

If you're wasting money moving things in your business, then you should look into economical, fast, reliable, safe,
and clean Airlift Pneumatic Systems. No other pneumatic tube system can deliver papers, parts, or samples from
one location to another with the ease, speed, low cost, and safety of an Airlift system.
Type I Station
The Type 1 Station is suited for narrow and tall mounting spaces.
Type 1 Station Drawing
System Size
9 1/4"
10 1/4"
12 1/4"
28 1/4"
34 1/4"
46 5/8"
4 3/4"
4 3/4"
4 3/4"
10 1/8"
11 1/8"
11 1/8"
4 5/8"
5 1/8"
6 1/8"
4 3/4"
5 5/8"
5 1/2"
1 7/8"
1 7/8"
1 7/8"
Electrical Requirements
Power, all models: 115V, single-phase, 60 Hz
U.L. Approved
Down Send Stations Available
Type II Station
The Type 2 Station is suited for wider and shorter mounting locations.
System Size
17 1/4"
18 1/4"
18 1/4"
15 3/4"
23 1/4"
29 1/4"
4 3/4"
4 3/4"
4 3/4"
9 3/8"
12 1/8"
12 1/8"
4 1/8"
4 3/4"
5 3/8"
4 1/8"
1 7/8"
1 7/8"
1 7/8"
Type 2 Station Drawing
Electrical Requirements
Power, all models: 115V, single-phase, 60 Hz
UL Approved
Down Send Stations Available
Airlift Carriers
System Sizes To Meet Every Need

Rugged high-density plastic construction assures long lift for Airlift Carriers. Smooth surfaces and aerodynamic
design, combined with the polished inner surfaces of extruded PVC tubing, generate minimal friction for more
system capacity and greater length than other pneumatic tube systems commercially available.

Airlift Carriers are made of rugged higgh plastic and are available in sizes to meet every need. 3" Airlift Carriers
For loads up to 1 lb. and distances to 1,000 feet. Provides
2-1/4" useful diameter by 10" or 12" length - 26% more volume
than ordinary carriers.
4" Airlift Carriers
For loads up to 3 lbs. and distances to 2,000 feet. Provides 3-1/4" useful diameter by 12" or 14" length - 40% more volume than
ordinary carriers.
6" Airlift Carriers
For loads up to 5 lbs. And distances to 1,000 feet. Provides 4-3/8" useful diameter by 12" or 16" length - more capacity at 1/3 the
weight of ordinary carriers.

Safe & Easy System Operation
The user simply loads a Carrier and places it on the trapeze-design swing arm in the send/receive compartment.
After closing the door, the push of a button dispatches the Carrier immediately to its destination, simultaneously
locking the door of the receiving Station at the other end until the air flow stops just before the Carrier arrives. At
the same time, red and white lights illuminate on the receiving Station to indicate that a Carrier is in transit. When
the Carrier arrives at the receiving Station, the red signal light is extinguished to indicate the Carrier's arrival. The white signal light remains until the receiving Station door is opened.

Door locking and unlocking are fully automatic; no user action is required. This is only one of the many standard
features designed to eliminate the chance of user injury.
Standard Safety & Control Devices Built Into Every System
All of these safety and control features are standard and built into Airlift Pneumatic Systems with no extra cost.
• Exclusive electromechanical safety Door Locks prevent access to the send/receive compartments while a Station
   is in process of receiving a Carrier. Fully automatic. No user action required.
• Trapeze-design swing arm assembly prevents Carrier from entering receiving Station when the door is open. No
   more banged fingers!
• Red signal light on receiving Station indicates system is in use; automatically extinguished when Carrier arrives
   at receiving Station.
• White signal light indicates Carrier arrival in Station; automatically extinguished upon removal of Carrier from

Airlift Pneumatic Systems assure you of the finest in engineering, material, workmanship, and service.
• Standard tubing, bend, and couplings made from strong, lightweight, non-corroding, dent-resistant PVC.
• Steel tubing available.
• High-volume, low-friction Carriers made from long-wearing, high-density plastic with locks and finger holds.
• Wraparound Station bodies fabricated from 16-gauge cold rolled steel with scratch-resistant enamel over a
   primed surface to insure a permanent, hard finish.
• Station doors fabricated from heavy steel.
• Stainless steel moldings.
• Full-size rubber door gaskets resist compression-set and prevent air leakage.
• Swing arm assembly and exclusive Safety Door Lock mounted on the frame for strength.
• Swing arm's trapeze design is fastened at both ends, not just one side.
• Acoustical foam Station interiors absorb noise and provide additional Carrier cushioning for longer life.
• Total solid-state electronic controls mounted on a plug-in PC board that can be replaced in minutes if necessary.
• Electronic system timing for precise blower shutdown.
• Industrial-quality electrical/electronic components feature:
                • Solid-state circuitry
                • Industrial-rated transformer
                • Sprayed PC boards
                • 6,000-hr. expected life signal bulbs
                • 30 amp terminal strip
                • Color-coded wiring
• Stations shipped individually in specially-designed cartons to insure damage-free arrival.
Simple Installation...Even Underground
No Blower Mounting or Manifolding of Air
No Expensive Three-Phase Wiring
No Cumbersome Controls or Fittings

Your own maintenance crew or local tradesmen can install an Airlift Pneumatic System in a minimum of time in
new or existing building using all factory-supplied components. Many Airlift Pneumatic Systems are used to
transport samples of all types between manufacturing operations and a quality control or test site. Underground
installation of the tubing is highly desirable in these applications, because the tubing is protected from the
elements, from wide swings in temperature, and from accidental damage. It utilizes heavy-wall PVC tubing and
bends for underground installation.
Options For Carrier Speed Control
A unique option available on Airlift Pneumatic Systems is Variable-Volume Speed Control. Engineering excellence
has developed this entirely new concept in point-to-point pneumatic tube systems, which is the use of variable air
volume to:
• Control Carrier speed
• Reduce the force of Carrier impact upon arrival
• Reduce the noise of Carrier impact.
• Produce a smooth, non-turbulent, jolt free transmission of the Carrier's cargo.

Variable-Volume systems produce a smooth, gentle Carrier ride on a cushion of air and a pillow-soft landing on the
arrival pad! The keys to this innovation in pneumatic tube systems are two adjustable timers. A pneumatic tube
system requires the most air pressure to lift the Carrier out of the Station and through its initial vertical rise. But,
once the Carrier is level, the system's power requirements drop significantly to just enough pressure to overcome
any friction between the Carrier and the tubing walls. Variable-Volume Carrier Speed Controls are standard in 6"
systems, and available at nominal cost in 3" and 4" systems.

Another design for carrier slowdown is a relief valve, triggered by air pressure, that controls the Carrier as it
reaches the point of final descent into the terminal Station. This valve vents system pressure and allows the Carrier
to fall unpowered into the Station. To counteract the pull of gravity, a second valve simultaneously builds up back
pressure to cushion the Carrier's fall to soft and gentle landing on the arrival pad. The total result is a cargo that rides smoothly and arrives unshaken.
Noise Control | Condensation | Tube Expansion | Contraction | Fire
Customized Systems For Special Applications
In addition to the standard sound-absorbing special gaskets and foam Carrier arrival pads used in all Airlift
Send/Receive Stations to dampen noise-producing vibration and Carrier impact shock, we offer the user a choice of different options that can greatly eliminate the blower noise inherent in pneumatic tube systems:
• A remote blower that restricts all blower noise to a location where sound is not objectionable.
• For installations where condensation of moisture particles in the air flow can cause a problem, an outside air
   intake can be incorporated into an Airlift Pneumatic System to provide a moisture-free atmosphere.
• Telescoping expansion joists for long, straight runs in variable-temperature conditions.
• Fire dampers - guillotine type - when tubing must penetrate fire walls or floors. Airlift
Pneumatic Dispatch
   Systems can be customized to meet your requirements. For example:
            • Stainless steel Send/Receive Stations for food processors, medical facilities, and laboratories.
            • Galvanized steel Send/Receive Stations for highly-corrosive environments, such as paper mills and
               chemical plants.
• Downsend available on all models.
• Send/Receive Stations with double doors and controls for access from both sides of walls or windows between
• Special paint finished to match your color scheme.
• Extra-long Carriers for blueprints, photo plates, x-ray films.
• Static-free Carrier linings for transporting electronic components or photographic materials.
• Inexpensive between-floors system that uses gravity to drop carriers and pressure only for return.
• Clear, high-impact plastic doors.
• Steel tubing systems available in 2-1/4", 3", 4", 4-1/2" and 6" round, and 4" x 7" oval.

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Basic System: Type I or II Station Prices
Includes two (2) stations with automatic in-use & arrival lights, safety
locking doors & solid-state circuitry, two (2) 90 degree bends, four (4)
carriers, (9" standard in 3" system & 12" standard in 4" system), 100 feet
of straight tubing & all necessary couplings, hanging strap, hardware,
cement and cleaner.
System Additions Prices
10 feet-heavy duty - includes couplings
24" Centerline Expanded 90° Bend
24" Centerline Expanded 90° Bend Heavy Duty
36" Centerline Expanded 90° Bend Heavy Duty
48" Centerline Standard 11° Bend
48" Centerline Standard 11° Bend Heavy Duty
48" Centerline Standard 22° Bend
48" Centerline Standard 22° Bend Heavy Duty
48" Centerline Standard 45° Bend
48" Centerline Standard 45° Bend Heavy Duty
48" Centerline Expanded 90° Bend
48" Centerline Expanded 90° Bend Heavy Duty
PVC Heavy Duty
Stainless Steel (No - Hubs)
Air Line Elbow (remote air or remote blower)
9" Inside Length
12" Inside Length
14" Inside Length

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System Options Prices
Arrival Signal, 28V Remote Audible or Visible
Arrival Signal, 110V Remote Visible Light
Double Doors & Controls (Add Per Station)
Electrical Lockout (Requires Wire Between Stations)
Expansion Joint
External Air Intake (Specify Location)
Key Locking Door Handles (Add Per Station)
Remote Blower (Specify Location)
Slow Down Box Valve
Stainless Steel Body (Add Per Station)
Station, Inverted (Downsend, Add Per Station)
Station, Single Eagle Type I or II
Wire, Plenum (Per Foot)
220V Electric & Motor (Add Per Station)
Upgrade Hangers Tube Hangers & Hardware (Per Foot)
Steel Topcasting
Foam Insert For Carriers
Clear Door Upgrade
Vision Panel Door Upgrade
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